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The overall percentage of women in technical roles in the United States is discouraging at less than 25%.
Gallup has found that companies with more diverse teams (including more women) have a 22% lower turnover rate. Organizations with more inclusive cultures also have an easier time with recruiting.*

THIS was our motivation behind creating TALENTZILLA and why we spend our time networking, leveraging the latest industry technologies, and talking with highly qualified women so that when our clients are ready to hire, we can easily tap into our extensive network.

*TZ is dedicated to changing these numbers one woman at a time

When you are considering a partnership with Talentzilla, you will know that:

  • We are serious about the hiring process, which includes:
        a) meeting in-person with your hiring manager and others in the company
        b) gaining an understanding of your company culture and environment
        c) determining your organization’s commitment to gender diversity
  • TZ utilizes our years of experience and proprietary techniques to find the best qualified talent
  • During the qualification process, TZ will:
    • Send a personal email to the candidate
    • Qualify the candidate by phone
    • Set up an in-person meeting or Skype call to further interview the candidate
    • Do all this before presenting a candidate to the hiring manager
  • We ensure the candidate is educated about the workings of your business, and fully apprise the candidate of the specifics of the role and your organization.  

How We Work with Our Clients

Studies show that companies with women in leadership roles demonstrate improved organizational and financial performance.  Talentzilla’s (TZ) goal is to duplicate the success you have already achieved in the technology areas in your business. TZ will match people, not resumes, to your company culture and the needs of the hiring manager.  We work closely with the hiring manager, to familiarize ourselves with the company culture and gain a deep understanding of the skill set she is looking for.  We offer a personalized approach to each search, ensuring that hiring managers find the best person for each opportunity they have, while building a long and trusting relationship with each individual candidate.  We will meet with your team to understand your company culture and needs.  In our efforts to maintain the highest standards, we will offer our services to a select number of clients.  

We will present you with women who are available and fully qualified to join your company.  We will not be presenting you with many candidates that may or may not be close to what you need, with fingers crossed.  As you know, being a company interested in increasing your gender diversity, the number of women available in the marketplace is limited.  We want to ensure that when we have a candidate we both agree is a match, you are prepared to move forward in the process.  Time is of the essence in the hiring process.

Many positions appear to be identical on paper from one to the next, but we want to know what makes your company tick, that employees thrive there, and what challenges you have faced in the past when hiring for similar roles.  By doing this, we can recommend an agreed-upon number of only the most relevant candidates to our clients for any given opportunity.  In other words, we want to work with companies who we ourselves would want to work for, the kind of organization where we want to stay past 5:00 pm, the type of company where women could thrive and grow their careers and know that they are supported in their development along the way.

Our intention with every candidate interviewed is to exceed our clients’ expectations. 

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