Improving gender diversity one woman at a time…

For Women

A very important key to your success is that we GET IT!  We understand the challenges a woman technologist like you faces every day in the workplace.  Glass ceilings and barriers to advancement, unconscious bias, and pay inequity.  This is why Talentzilla is unique in that we CHOOSE to work with companies committed to gender diversity, and providing their women employees an opportunity for growth, development and advancement in a supportive working environment.  Companies who demonstrate this commitment by fair and innovative hiring practices, unbiased performance reviews, and professional development for the women they hire.  In other words, the type of company where women will thrive and grow their careers and know that they are supported in their development along the way.

When we represent you to a company, you will know that:

  • Talentzilla will primarily present women to our clients
  • We choose companies concerned about gender diversity who are making a commitment to increasing the number of women in their technical areas
  • The women who best fit the opportunities will currently be working in the roles in which they excel.  Our process does not include mass mailings to potential candidates and presenting numerous random resumes to our clients.
  • We prepare you for the interviews, so that you fully understand the company’s hiring process and how to best represent yourself in a face-to-face interview.  
  • We will stay in contact to help ensure your future success.
Join our network of women who are searching for technical roles in companies who are making a conscious effort to hire women. Our client companies understand that to improve their decision making, team productivity, and bottom line, they need to create positive environments and break down barriers for women technologists from the intern level through the C-suite.

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